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Overconfidence Can End Your Audition Before It Begins - Kids Act LA

Auditioning is a critical skill you can develop, much like scene study or emotional prep, and it's an acting skill you can learn in acting classes at Kids Act LA. Working actors know that gaining experience is critical, and that won't happen if you tend not to audition well. If you are considering acting classes at Orange County, CA, Kids Act LA is the best option available. Getting the right kind of auditions that play to your strengths is key, but even that won't help if you are not prepared when the opportunity comes. Acting classes that teach Meisner acting offer foundational skills that can be developed over time. Meisner acting techniques are suitable for improving your auditioning ability also.

There is no such thing as "failing" an audition unless you have fallen into one of these traps. One way to be discounted is to appear overconfident. At the same time you cannot allow yourself to be overly nervous or insecure, unless the role calls for it. Producers and directors, casting agents see overconfidence and extreme nervousness all the time and this is not what will work against you in the end. Nervousness, overconfidence or any other type of emotional reaction to an audition is an unwanted block to the emotional presentation of the character you are auditioning for.

An overconfident actor may come across as being too rehearsed, without enough room for spontaneity to emerge during the audition. If you are over thinking it, you jeopardize the chance for something unexpected or thrilling to happen in the moment. It is the character, with all his or her flaws, energy, sorrow, tension, humour, really a balance of all of these human traits that must be present.

The slate, as it is called, may not seem important at first. But, as you state your name into the camera for the auditors to keep track of your tape, you are already communicating a lot about who you are. What may seem like a tiny practical thing, can have huge consequences if they don't like what they see. The bad news is this. Many times, directors and producers never even get past the slate. Seeing hundreds of actors audition for a role is a daunting task. Anything to speed things up, like a poor or boring slate, is a good excuse to just move on. So, a quick dismissal of someone who doesn't slate well gets them closer to their goal.

This may seem brutal; it does speed up the process. Fair or not, this is the way it is more often than not. Teaching auditioning skills is not part of every acting academy's curriculum. Acting classes are a great resource for learning about slates. Slating on an audition tape is sometimes required to enroll. Slating is a skill like any other, it has to be practiced. Enlist a friend to help record your efforts on tape and you will instantly see how well you are doing. Here are some things to consider when practicing slates. Communicating to a "presence" or person rather than the camera is important. This is something you can record, playback and assess. Get honest feedback from people you trust, and make sure that the slate presents who you are.

Keeping it simple is the best route, let you personality be upfront, and be quick. First impressions should be short and sweet. It won't hurt in commercial auditions to put a hint of the character in your slate but avoid going over the top. If you fall short of their expectations they may hit the eject button before the actual tape. The aim of the slate is to give them a sense of who you are as an actor and a person. Once the slate is done, move quickly into character and give them the portrayal they could never have anticipated, the character they didn't even know they wanted.

Kids Act LA is a leading institution in acting, as well as in personal growth. Kids Act LA Acting Classes specialize in children. We allow for our graduate to secure a successful career in TV, commercials, print and film. Our children grow at a social and communicative level. Our kids acting classes have empowered children for thirteen years.

Call us 949 273 8804 for a free presentation, a free evaluation and you will be able to schedule your child for an exercise in personal growth, at absolutely no cost.


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