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Learn More about the Performing Art Form of Dance

Dance, if you want to put a description to it, is simply a form of art, as well as sport. It can be described as rhythmic body movements done gracefully to music. Dance is also used as an emotional release or sometimes used in spiritual or social interactions. Included in this art form are body movements meant to express ideas in a silent non-verbal way. This can also be seen among animals, bees being just one example. There are even some sports that fall under one type or form of partnership dance, such as figure skating, synchronized swimming and even martial arts if the training is done as a synchronized dance in a sport setting.

Dancing is more than just its movements. A lot of dance forms depend on other factors, such as the social, moral aesthetic and cultural settings. Any restraints placed upon free expression or competitions can also affect dance forms, as well as ceremonial performing arts. In this case the dance can tell a story or show an expression or emotion.

There are several competitions in dance that are judged on the performance. These dance types fall under the classical form and include ballroom dancing, the tango, ballet and the waltz. If you aspire to go into the field of dance as your career there are many paths available. There is professional dancing in one of many dance companies or a choreographer for the dance performances. You can also go the route of training dancers in traditional, ethnic and forms of ceremonial dance. When teaching your students they will be taught solo, partner and being part of a choreographed dance group.

It is difficult to imagine dancing to the Blue Danube, for example, without music playing in the background, which is how both classical music and classical dance forms joined together, so to speak. Musicians arranged their Rhapsodies and Symphonies to enable anyone who was listening make movements they found complimentary such as gliding, swaying and to dip as they wished. This was the beginning of what we have today setting the stage to numerous dance forms.

If you did not dance to music, you would be considered to be dancing to your own rhythm. For example tap dance forms do not use any music, but the tapping off the feet in a regular fashion is an astonishing and musical way to enjoy that dance form in itself.

Dancing is meant to be both relaxing and invigorating. However, not only is dancing a great workout, but it is also a way of becoming more flexible. It is even used for therapy, because it can be so soothing and it improves muscle coordination.

So whatever the reason may be, if the music is provocative enough to make you want to get up and dance, go for it!

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