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Kids Act LA - Ways to Support Your Child's Artistic Talent

Does your child love to create and express themselves artistically? It is important that you nurture and support your child's artistic abilities from an early age, as it can help to give them extra confidence, plus it allows them to have a fun creative outlet. There are some things that you can do in order to support their talents. Here our experts at Kids Act LA provide five simple ways that you can encourage your child to use their artistic abilities.

Buy Supplies

You can start by purchasing your child a range of art supplies which they can experiment with. If you have enough space in your home then you can even make them a very special art room which they can use to make things. There are a huge selection of art supplies available to purchase. Make sure that you only buy things which are suitable for the age of your child. Some ideas can include pens, paint, canvases and colouring books. You can buy these items from your local art store or from specialist online retailers.

Enroll in Art Classes

It is also possible to enroll your child in an art class or course. There are specialist classes which have been designed with children in mind. They will give your child the space, freedom and tools to create things until their heart's content. As well as art camps, there are also special summer courses where you child will have more time to develop their creative abilities. Make sure that you choose a reputable art school that is able to cater for children so that you know they will have a safe and fun time.

Try New Things

Another idea is to encourage your child to experiment and try out different creative expressions.This can include things like sketching, painting, stencilling, rubbings, ceramic work, craftwork and T-shirt designing. There are plenty of ideas available online or fun new techniques that you can try out, or there are art books and tutorials specifically designed for children of all ages.

Craft Projects

It always fun when you work alongside your child to help them to create something new. Why not set aside a craft afternoon with the intention of completing a specific artistic project? You can even invite round their friends so that you can have a whole afternoon of making things together. At the end of the day everyone can show what they have handmade, or swap items as gifts for one another.


Try and encourage your child to record whenever they have new ideas or inspiration for artistic projects. They can keep a little sketchbook on them at all items to note ideas down in. You can also take them to child friendly art exhibitions to get them inspired and excited about art.

These are just a few of the many ways that you can encourage your child to be more artistic. You should never force your child to partake in these activities; instead it should be something that they naturally enjoy doing. Have fun.

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