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How to Foster Creativity in Kids? Kids Act LA

Creativity is an inborn trait and depends on different factors including heredity, surroundings and parenting

A child's mind is like a blank canvas. It is the responsibility of parents to pick a right combination of colors and images to help the child develop positive personality traits.
Creativity is an inborn trait and depends on different factors including heredity, surroundings and parenting. Psychologists say, childhood is best stage when you can sow the seeds of creativity in your child.
While some children are born creative, some develop the creative aptitude as life progresses. It is the parents' responsibility to channelize their creative energy in a positive direction and feed their creativity with the right set of skills and knowledge that would help their talents take a definite shape.

Here are some of the effective ways our experts at Kids Act LA suggest to inspire creativity in kids:
Understand your child
To nurture creativity in kids it is important for parents to first understand their kids. They should identify

  • What their kids like to do
  • What are their aspirations
  • What is their favorite pastime
  • What are their strengths and weaknesses
  • What they find pleasure doing in

Once you are aware of your child's interests and strengths you can look for ways to work on the strengths. But knowing the natural talent of your child is a tough task in itself. You have to let her do a lot of things before finally discovering her best talent.

Don't force your aspirations on him
Forcing a child to do what he doesn't like or what he doesn't have an aptitude for, kills his creativity and natural ability to excel in a particular skill. For example, if your child has a natural inclination towards painting but is forced into learning music which he doesn't like much, it will not only suppress his natural talent but will also lead to under performance in the chosen field.

Give your kids toys or tools that can be transformed into multiple shapes. This is a simple method of analyzing the creativity of children. Building blocks and puzzles are great tools that can be used for this purpose. Without interrupting the kids, observe how they use those toys and you may see glimpses of creativity that may even surprise you.

Promote the natural talents of the child
If your kids love to draw and paint, give them assorted colours, crayons and drawing books. Appreciate their scribbles and scrawls and guide them on how to make better lines and strokes. Take them outside, maybe to the zoo or an amusement park and ask them to draw what they saw.

Kids are short on patience and tend to lose interest quickly. Keep the interest alive and the learning spirit kindled with encouragement and guidance.
The best way to keep a child motivated is to pay attention to what he does with interest and motivate him. Once he converts his liking to habit, all he needs is your continuous support and encouragement as habits formed in childhood stay with you forever.

Further if your kid is keen of acting and like to participate in drama, play etc. you can enroll him with Kids Act LA Acting Classes. Kids Act LA is the most specialized acting institution in all of California. We are leading in acting, as well as in personal growth. We specialize in children. We allow for our graduate to secure a successful career in TV, commercials, print and film. Our children grow at a social and communicative level. Our kids acting classes have empowered children for thirteen years.

Our Acting classes for kids provide the very foundation of programs, activities and workshops that help in shaping the skills of a child to master the art. This helps in developing self-confidence amongst children. It also helps them in expressing their feelings, emotions and is also a good healthy exercise which helps in staying in shape.

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