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Build Up Confidence in Your Children

If you suffer from poor self confidence as an adult, chances are you weren't a very confident child either. A lot of our insecurities were founded in our childhood, and as much as it is definitely possible to build up confidence as adults, wouldn't it be better if we never lost it in the first place?

Parents with confidence problems can unknowingly transfer their issues to their children. Some parents have an easier time than others hiding their insecurities from their children, but your situation could still have a negative effect.

Someone with poor self confidence can often come across as arrogant or unfriendly to strangers because of the way they fell about themselves. It works the same way with your family; it's really hard for people around you, especially children, to understand the difference between you feeling bad about you and you feeling bad about them.

Also, remember that your children look up to you and learn from you. If you treat yourself well and respect yourself, they will learn to do the same. For instance, little girls who grow up seeing their mother on diets all the time have a higher risk of getting eating disorders and body image problems later.

Of course you don't wish for your children to grow up with self-confidence issues. This is why it's important for you to help them build up confidence from they are young, and the first step of the process is to help yourself build up confidence.

The better you feel about yourself, the more you have to give to your children. Also, when you take care of yourself and learn to feel good about yourself exactly the way you are, you are also a good role model for yourself.

The most important thing you can do to help your children build up confidence is to show them a lot of love. I hear of way too many parents who never tell their kids how much they love them because they feel it goes without saying. Well, it doesn’t. Children do not think like adults, and it's not a given for them that their parents love them. Remember that kids also tend to believe everything you say to them, so no matter how frustrated or angry you might be, never threaten to leave your children because they are behaving badly. It's a recipe for raising children with self esteem issues.

Don't punish you children by taking away your love and affection. They don't understand the lesson you are trying to teach them; all they learn is that love is not unconditional and that if they are bad their parents’ may not love them anymore.

If you want to build up confidence in your child, you need to tell and show them every day how much they are loved. You need to let them know that they have your acceptance, exactly the way they are, and that nothing they could possibly do could take change the way you feel about them.

Your self esteem might have been damaged when you were a child, but you have a chance to prevent the same happening to your children. Start today by building up confidence in yourself, and then help builds up confidence in them.

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